List Of Service Providers

Dayapenting Risk Management Sdn Bhd (Lonpac)

Contact Person: Ms. Winnie Tay (Director)

Phone Number: 03-20727952

HP Number: 017-3337197

Email Address:


MIT Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd

Contact Person: 1. Puan Azah Mohamad (Manager)

                              2. Puan Rashidah Abas (Sr Client Executive)

                              3. Ms Hamim Hanifah Wageh (Client Executive)

HP Number: 012 6105428 (Puan Azah)

                        017-2632578 (Puan Rashidah)

                        011-12274291 (Ms Hamim)

Email Address:       




JA Assure Sdn Bhd (Liberty Insurance)

Contact Person: Mr. Japhire Gopi (CEO)                             

HP Number: +65 9451 1700 (Whatsapp)

Email Address:


Finance Accreditation Agency

Contact Person: Mr. Muhamad Shukri Abdullah (Associate Director – Accreditation Development)

Phone Number: 03-2788 1206

HP Number : 019-799 1966

Email Address:



Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS)

Contact Person: Ms. Suji Pillai (Regional Director for Development, South-East Asia)

Phone Number: +65-6622 5612

HP Number : +65 86938242

Email Address:


Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB)

Contact Person: Mr. Kamarudin Ali (Manager, Marketing, Membership & Marketing Division)

Phone Number: +603-2095 6833 ext. 124

Email Address:


Asian Banking School (ABS)

Contact Person: Mr. Ananthan Muniandy (Consultant Examiner, Graduate Training & FSTEP)

Phone Number: +603-2742 7822 ext. 343

Email Address:


Concord Systems Sdn. Bhd.

Contact Person: Mr. Mubarak

HP Number : 012 2195786

Email Address: /


Soft Inovations Sdn. Bhd.

Contact Person: Mr. Ali Maideen

HP Number : 016 4737304

Email Address:


Domain Computer & Software Sdn Bhd

Contact Person: Mr. Phang

HP Number : 07 241 2333 / 017-7648911

Email Address:


Multisoft Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

Contact Person: Mr. Chan Seng Siong

HP Number : 016 7101568

Email Address:


Perwira Setia Sdn. Bhd.

Contact Person: Mr. Taulat Rahman Habibullah Khan

HP Number : 019 4722786

Email Address:


Global Com Ptd. Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr Jackie Guo

HP Number : (02)91054158

Email Address:


e-Fox Sdn Bhd

Contact Person: Mr. Joi Ann

HP Number : 017-681 1989

Email Address:


Swift Technology (P) Ltd

Contact Person: Bharat K Shrestha

HP Number : 603 22614030 (IME)/012-2242715

Email Address:


AHAI Tech Sdn Bhd

Contact Person: Mr Ferrose

HP Number : 012 6722017

Email Address:


Valley Reign Sdn Bhd 

Contact Person: Mr Charles

HP Number : 017-8070118

Email Address:


GeneIT Solution

Contact Person: Mr Lau Yat Ming

HP Number : 016 8885525

Email Address:



Contact Person: Varun Keskar, Country Manager, Singapore

Contact Number : T: +65 6780 4891     M: +65 8499 4557

Email Address: 

Website :

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Contact Person: Alexander Ngo, Business Development Manager, Southeast Asia

Contact Number : +65 9129 2219 

Email Address:


RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd (RAMCI)

Contact Person: Chalini Sokayah, Strategic Account Associate, Financial & Corporates Services

Contact Number : 603 – 26151128  ext. 130 

Email Address:

Website : /

Transecure Solutions Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Contact Person: Mr. Puah Ser Yee , Senior Business Development Manager

Contact Number : +6012 2210 348

Email Address:

Website :