• PROMOTE Self-Regulation to ensure good business practice and elevate standards of professionalism of members/associates
  • SUPPORT & GUIDE members to uphold the highest level of professional business conduct and practices
  • ASSIST members to meet Compliance requirements
  • MAINTAIN uniform ethical standards to enhance reputation and public confidence in MSB industry
  • PREVENTIVE measure to alert members on possible breaches and correct them early


  • The code applies to all members and msb agents
  • Members are responsible to ensure that all their directors, management and employees as well as their msb agents comply with the code 

   Key Principles of the Code of Conduct

   Principle 1

   Promote Professional Ethics And Uphold Highest Level Of Integrity And Compliance

  • Demonstrate professionalism and compliance in conducting MSB
  • Avoid involvement in illegal activities
  • Demonstrate proper work ethics and professional image
  • Treat others with dignity and respect

   Principle 2

   Maintain Information Confidentiality

  • All information acquired from customers must be treated as strictly confidential

   Principle 3

   Manage And Avoid Conflict Of Interest

  • No Acceptance of kickbacks, gifts and gratuities
  • No Misuse of position and company’s names/facilities
  • No Involvement in activities outside employment

   Principle 4

   Promote Healthy Competition

  • Avoid collusion and other anti-competitive practices with other competitors
  • Avoid staff pinching among members

   Principle 5

   Ensure A Safe And Healthy Working Environment

  • Ensure a healthy and safe working environment to promote well – being of staff
  • Prevent any event that may pose an adverse impact or inflict injuries to customers/communities

   Principle 6

   Conduct Dealings In A Fair And Transparent Manner

  • Disclose relevant information to customers on


  • Do not misrepresent or omit material facts
  • Provide proper avenue/channels for customers to lodge complaints
  • Manage all complaints lodged in a professional and speedy manner

Code of Conduct (BM) – Click Here To Download

Code of Conduct (EN) – Click Here To Download