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4. Time off work policies and procedures

You should set your normal working hours in your employment contract, or written statement of employment. Unless you operate within certain sectors, you cannot force your workers to work for more than 48 hours per week on average.
If your workers wish to work for longer than 48 hours per week, they can choose to opt out of the Working Time Regulations. This must be done voluntarily.

4.1 Annual leave

Most workers are legally entitled to paid holidays/annual leave.

A worker's statutory paid holiday entitlement in Malaysia is 12 for first 2 years, 14 days  from 2 to 5 year and 16 days for above 5 years.

The leave entitlement for part-time workers or those who are about to leave employment is calculated on a pro-rata basis. Use the following step-by-step guidance to calculate how much leave these workers may be entitled to: