HR documents and templates


6. Performance management and staff training

Improving the skills of your staff can deliver real business benefits. It can increase their productivity, motivation and quality of work, and boost overall business profits and customer satisfaction.

6.1 Performance management

Agreeing appropriate objectives and making effective use of appraisals can improve your business performance and help you assess how well your employees are working.

If you're not sure where to start setting performance targets, download our sample agreements for different positions within the business:


6.2 Performance reviews

Download our two sample performance review forms to help you assess employees' performance:


6.3 Dealing with poor performance

Performance improvement measures can help you manage poor performance, and deal with your staff efficiently and fairly.

To see an overview of the measures required to deal with poor performance,

Use our downloadable sample letters to help you follow a fair and efficient performance improvement procedure when dealing with underperforming staff:


6.4 Training and development

Creating a training strategy usually involves assessing your training needs, determining the type of training best suited to your business and evaluating its effects to maximise the benefits.

To help get you started on the way to creating a successful training strategy, you can download and use the following templates: