The Regional Conference on Money Services Business: 19 – 21 May 2014

The Regional Conference on Money Services Business (RCMSB) will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 19-21 May 2014. The theme for this conference is “Scaling up Excellence: Creating Opportunities While Mitigating Risks”.

The conference aims to:

  • Promote awareness and share experience on developments in the MSB industry, including policy and regulatory reforms, best practices, market trends and innovations;
  • Discuss issues and challenges faced in combating ML/FT threats; and
  • Provide a platform for networking among regulators and MSB industry players to further develop the industry in line with efforts to promote financial inclusion while safeguarding financial integrity.

The organisers

The Conference is co-organised by Bank Negara Malaysia (the Central Bank of Malaysia) and the Malaysian Association of Money Services Business (MAMSB), in collaboration with the World Bank and the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN).

The venue

The Conference will be held at Sasana Kijang – the Bank’s Centre for Knowledge and Learning Excellence, Kuala Lumpur. Sasana Kijang is equipped with modern facilities and leading edge technologies to facilitate effective communication.  Sasana Kijang is also wi-fi enabled throughout the building.

The Agenda


The speakers

There will be about 60 speakers and panellists from almost 50 regulatory authorities and MSB industry major players.  These speakers/panellists are from Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia Pacific Region.


Limited to 350 participants from both regulatory/supervisory authorities in Asia Pacific Region and MSB players


All participants are required to register before attending the Conference.  The Registration Form for MSB Industry Players (Registration form for MSB Industry Players) is to be sent to the Conference Secretariat via e-mail or fax (+603 7722 5008).  Registration will close on 18 April 2014.

Registration fees for the Conference are as follows:

Type of MSB Industry Players :


  • The MAMSB Members / Associates


  • Local Non-MAMSB Participants


  • International Participants


Payment Method

Payment of registration fees can be made via:

  1. Bank Draft / Cheque (Payable to Persatuan Perniagaan Perkhidmatan Wang Malaysia)
  2. Telegraphic Transfer

Detail information on the payment method is provided in the registration form.
Please e-mail or fax a copy of the bank pay-in slip or telegraphic transfer form together with the registration form.

Terms and Conditions of Registration

  1. Costs for accommodation and travelling are not included in the registration fees.
  2. Participants of the Conference must register by completing the registration form and send it to the Conference Secretariat by e-mail or by fax as follows:


    Type of Participants

    Send Registration Form via E-mail or Fax


    +603 2697 0798 (Fax)


    MSB Industry Players
    +603 7722 5008 (Fax)

  3. A letter confirming the registration will be sent via e-mail upon full payment of the registration fee (for MSB Industry Players). Please bring along the confirmation letter and present it at the registration counter during the conference.
  4. The Organiser reserves the right, and will inform participants, on any alteration to any of the arrangements for this Conference; including the cancellation of the event should unforeseen circumstances require such action. In the special circumstances that the entire event has to be cancelled, the Organiser will refund the registration fee to the participants. However, the Organiser will not be liable to other associated costs, e.g. accommodation and travelling expenses, and any inconvenience incurred to the participants due to the cancellation.
  5. All cancellations of registration must be done in writing and submitted to the Conference Secretariat by e-mail or fax.
  6. Any cancellations after 5 May 2014 will not be refunded.



Participants are required to make accommodation arrangements at own expenses.  To facilitate such arrangements, the followings are information on two hotels which participants may consider:

  1. The Gardens Hotel & Residences

    Complete the Reservation form below and send directly to Mr Cavin Loh, Senior Sales Manager either by fax: +603 2287 0289 OR email: before 25th April 2014. Thereafter, room rate is based on hotel promotional rate.

    downloadDownload reservation forms

    Participants may call Mr Cavin Loh, Senior Sales Manager @ HP: 6012 9111 508 / DID : 603-2295 8318 if any further inquiries regarding room’s booking. Please quote”MSB Regional Conference” for ease of reference.

  2. The Boulevard Hotel

    Complete the Reservation form below and send directly to Mr. Kelvin TanSales Manager either by fax: +603 2287 8775 or E-mail:  before 1st May 2014.  Thereafter, room rate is based on hotel promotional rate.

    downloadDownload reservation forms

    Participants may call Mr. Kelvin Tan, Sales Manager @ HP: 6012 9111 508 / DID : 603-2295 8318  if any further inquiries regarding room’s booking. Please quote”World Bank Conference” for ease of reference.

    The Organisers provide free shatter services to and fro between the above hotels and the venue of the Conference.

    More details on the Conference are available at



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